Corporate RADAR


1. To be a global leader in education and research,promoting technical skill, critical thinking,Public duty,to help develop a prosperous and progressive community.

2. Dream, Believe, achieve.

To prepare the new generation so that they are motivated to be lifelong learners and global citizens.

3. We are committed to provide a positive, safe and stimulating experience so that they should enjoy their learning, achieve their potential and become a very responsible and productive citizens.

4. Our mission is to equip the new generation with skill set, knowledge and educational materials with the mind-set to thrive and then take on the world.

5. Our mission is to create a platform to youth by providing latest and high quality educational materials in a safe, inclusive environment, enjoyable and long-lasting educare that builds a strong foundation for their bright future.

6. To work dedicatedly towards building an innovative and quality conscious global organisation encompassing the interests of the new generation.


  1. We win together

  2. We reflect, plan and act

  3. We keep learning and improving

  4. We serve our customers throughout their journey

  5. Enhance skills and improve knowledge base

  6. Compete with self for creativity and innovation

  7. Exceed expectations in providing high – quality solutions

  8. Act as partner for customers

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